Policy on Cheating and Abuse

2013.10.25 *ET

Thank you for playing Lord of the Dragons. In order to ensure a fair and fun gaming environment for all users, we employ strict policies regarding appropriate and acceptable use.

What is "abuse"? Abuse includes, but is not limited to, the use of inappropriate tools or software to play the game in a way that is impossible based on its original data structure or standards of normal gameplay. Furthermore, it also refers to any in-game verbal harassment or use of inappropriate or offensive language. Such acts are prohibited in the Terms of Use.

Examples of Exploitation, Proliferation and Development of External Tools and/or Bugs

  • Automatization of Eternal Dungeon Progress
  • Automatization of Stamina and Health Recovery during Guild Wars
  • Automatization of Quest Progress
  • Automatization of Fairy Sending and Collecting
  • Increasing in-game Funds or Items by using External Tools
  • Any actions that may be thought of as implausible based on the game's controls or structure

Examples of the Use of Inappropriate Language and Verbal Harassment

  • Using the Cyscorpions company name in a Character or Guild Name
  • Using obscene or profane language (including cases in which specific letters are intentionally replaced with other letters or symbols).
What is the Automatic Response System?

When an account performing inappropriate acts is detected, the Automatic Response System will revoke the account's game access privileges for 120 seconds. If abuse is detected again within the next 5 minutes, the system will again revoke access privileges for a period of 30 seconds longer than the previous revocation. Access lockouts will become progressively longer (up to a maximum of 1 hour) when consecutive abuse occurs.
**The Automatic Response System will be implemented within October, 2013.

Following detection by the Automatic Response System, reports from other users, and/or investigations on our side, the process described in the flow chart to the left will be implemented.

  • The process described in the flow chart will be followed.
  • Any in-game assets (items, funds, etc.) obtained using the inappropriate actions will be revoked.
  • If the inappropriate actions have any effect(s) on in-game events, the violating user will be removed from the event's rankings.
  • The user's ID and Guild Name will be reset to the default settings. At this time, a Change Alias item will be sent to the user's account.
  • **In-game items and funds distributed as compensation for system errors may also be revoked.
  • **The examples of inappropriate actions listed above are by no means all-inclusive, and other actions deemed inappropriate may also be dealt with following the Violation Response Flow Chart above.
  • **In the case of inappropriate messages sent in-game, we request that players use their individual Block Lists to prevent further interaction.


Examples of Hacking

  • Alteration of game data
  • Intentional attacks on any Cyscorpions Inc. servers
  • Any acts that may result in negative effects on the game system
  • Access to the game from a non-mobile device

Examples of Impersonation or Fraud

  • Registering any name, saying anything, or acting in any way that may cause others to believe that one is an employee of, or in some other way related to, Cyscorpions Inc.
  • Stealing another player's account

Examples of Unacceptable Real Money Trade (RMT)

  • The sale or transfer of any account or in-game assets (including items and funds) using real money
  • Any act that may elicit RMT for any account or in-game assets

Users who have committed violations of the type listed in the table above will be dealt with as follows:

  • Warning
  • Account Suspension
  • Permanent Account Ban

**If an account is violating the policy above maliciously, it may be permanently banned without warning.

**Upon report or detection, acts not listed above that may cause the inconvenience or discomfort of other users or negatively affect game service are also prohibited in the Terms of Use and will be dealt with strictly.

  • **Cyscorpions Inc. may deem any act as inappropriate.
  • **No information will be provided regarding evaluation criteria, as it may be used to assist prolongued violation.
  • **The results of investigations are confidential and will not be released to any user.
  • **Cyscorpions reserves the right to (i) change this Policy at any time and (ii) regulate its games as it sees fit. This Policy is subject to applicable law.